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Hydro-Therapy Table!

To best understand hydromassage tables, just imagine how you felt the last time you were in a hot tub. The warmth of the water relaxed you and the pressure of the water jets against your body soothed your aches and pains. Now imagine feeling this way without undressing or getting wet. That’s what our hydromassage tables feel like. Just lie back, set the timer and within ten minutes you will achieve a state of total relaxation.

You lie on a water-filled mattress. Inside the mattress are spa jets that direct streams of warm water towards your body. Since the water and jets are inside a water mattress, you never have to undress or get wet. The pressure of the jets and the warmth of the water create a very relaxing experience.

No other piece of equipment has the same combination of patented jets, all working in perfect harmony to relax you and relieve your pain.


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